Sunday, February 23, 2014

25 04 2012

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16 06 2011

I made my second ever visit to the West Grove Farmer’s Market this afternoon. Picked up some veggies and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Can’t wait to see what the coming weeks have in store!

Would love to make a suggestion.. ever think about creating a facebook page for the market?

18 06 2011

Hi Trista. So glad you enjoyed the market this week. We have thought about a facebook page and appreciate your suggestion. Hopefully you will see our page up and running soon.

22 05 2012

It would be nice to know what type of produce/fruits are in season and available prior to coming.

4 06 2012

Thank you for the input. From this point on, we will post our weekly newsletter as our home page. It will give details about what will be available at the market that week.

24 05 2012

Suggest you put time of operation on this site. My husband drove to West Grove a little while ago (11 am) only to find out you are not there until 2pm.

4 06 2012

The hours are posted on the second page, entitled “about the market”, but you are absolutely right, we should have had it on the opening page where we announced the new location. Thanks for pointing this out!

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